Rhymes Against Humanity 026 Mike Slo-Mo Brenner and Hoagy Wing


Couple weeks ago Mike Slo-Mo Brenner and Hoagy Regular-Mo Wing came into the PRHQPCS and layed it down with me. We discussed Mike’s old bands and his new obsession with the Chaturangi, an indian slide guitar. It made me feel multi-cultural as fuck just to chat with mike. And though we didn’t get into his, “Hanging out backstage with Steve Earle” stories, We did stumble on a charming Steve Albini anecdotes, as well as adventures in crossing the street in india. Go see Mike with No Good Sister or John Train.




RAH 014 John Byrne

John Byrne was born and raised in Dublin Ireland, but Philadelphia has been his home for almost two decades. John and his lilting brogue and his dog Frankie came over to the PRHQPCS and whilst Queequeg had a playdate downstairs, John and I talked about how to score condoms and porn in Ireland. Other stuff too.

It was, at least for me, a fascinating conversation and he sang a few songs. I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback on iTunes or holla at the RAH Facebook page.  or on the Twitters @adambrodsky.
Also, visit John Byrne on his Facebook page or his website JohnByrneBand.com
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RAH 013 Butch Ross

Permanent Records Recording Artist and Mountain Dulcimer’s own Butch Ross came by the PRHQPCS and sat down and talked origin stories and songwriting and ex-girlfriends and all that stuff. He even sang a few songs, then he slept over and we bought him new front tires so’s he could make it back to Tennessee. I think there was pizza and whiskey too.

Anyway, it was fun to sit down with one of my oldest and dearest friends and reveal publicly our Lenin/McCarthy style songwriting technique.
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RAH 012 Brenda Kahn

Brenda Kahn and I discus songwriting and all that major label bullshit that went on in the 90’s and also her New Jersey origin story as well as some key pieces of the Antifolk history puzzle. We talk about Lach and the time she opened for Dylan and lots of other stuff. She also sings some songs. Check out more BK at BrendaKahn.com 

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RAH 010 Dr. James O’Brien

It was nice to have James in town and in the PRHQPS8H. He and his lovely wife Karaugh Brown came down from Manhattan to get it goin’ Philly style. They had a nice excursion and James and I had several lovely chats, one of which we even recorded and interspersed with a couple of his songs.

Slimbooks has just published Jameseses book “The Indie Writer’s Survival Guide” which is a how-to manual for fledgling independent writers. Coincidentally, we recorded this Podcast on the same day my freelance article for The Guardian posted. Like the best Guardian articles, I give away secrets. In this case it’s the 10 best bars in Philadelphia. I would also like to let all of you know that Permanent Records has a new release on the horizon. Butch Ross is putting out a couple of records. One is dulcimerloopy and the other has songwritery songs all over it. I’m telling y’all cause his kickstarter is one worth contributing to. dig it here.
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It was nice talking to you.
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RAH 009 Tom Hampton

Tom’s loverly wife was kind enough to allow date night to start a couple hours later than planned. They both came over and Tom and I went up into the PRHQPCS and talked about stuff, including all the amazing local, regional, national and international superstars with which Tom has shared stages, busses and sandwiches. We talked about his continuing colaberations with the Marshall Tucker Band and Danny Kortchmar’s name got drug into it. We even remembered (eventually) to play a few songs.

Please enjoy.
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RAH 008 Jim Taggart August

Jim and I did our month end wrap up, moaned about the Phillies having to send Charlie out to pasture, and then he went on a rant about tipping. but before all of that, I gave you an unreleased Adam Brodsky number featuring genital impact play.

If you’re not into Philadelphia Sports bullshit, after the song,  just skip it, and we’ll see you in September. I’ll understand.

It’s a short episode, we’ll be back in two weeks talk about Rosh Hashanah with some goyisha songwriters.
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Stay Gold, Pony Boy.
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Rhymes Against Humanity With Adam Brodsky: 007 Dan Nosheny

This week I talked to Tuba Dan about lots of stuff, including how quitting his day job and becoming a professional musician means now he gets up even earlier. (???) Also we discussed carbs and spit valves and spreadsheets and lots of Tuba and Accordion related material.

Sure, It went a little long but we played a lot of music even exhuming a long retired song of mine to recreate the magic when he provided tubamaba on my record years ago. We talked about his work with the Violent Femmes and Carmaig de Forrest and prolly other stuff too.
Please forgive me if this podcast’s ass is a little fat, I’m a goddamn folksinger trying to mic a guitar and a tuba with one diaphragm. The results were…the results.
I hope you enjoy. Also, go on over to iTunes and subscribe or leave a review. you can also find Rhymes Against Humanity on Stitcher Radio. Though it comes through without the logo for some reason.
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RAH 006 Danielle Miraglia

Rhymes Against Humanity with Adam Brodsky

This week I chatted and sang with Danielle Miraglia. We talked about the deep soulful pain of blond Massachusetts blues and what if Newt Gingrich was your creepy uncle and our mutual love of the Kendall Cafe (olev hashalom)

The PRPCS has a new microphone and I think it made a big difference. Every week gets better.
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you can get more of Danielle’s Blues at http://www.daniellem.com and a bunch of other places.
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