RAH 008 Jim Taggart August

Jim and I did our month end wrap up, moaned about the Phillies having to send Charlie out to pasture, and then he went on a rant about tipping. but before all of that, I gave you an unreleased Adam Brodsky number featuring genital impact play.

If you’re not into Philadelphia Sports bullshit, after the song,  just skip it, and we’ll see you in September. I’ll understand.

It’s a short episode, we’ll be back in two weeks talk about Rosh Hashanah with some goyisha songwriters.
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Stay Gold, Pony Boy.
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Rhymes Against Humanity With Adam Brodsky: 007 Dan Nosheny

This week I talked to Tuba Dan about lots of stuff, including how quitting his day job and becoming a professional musician means now he gets up even earlier. (???) Also we discussed carbs and spit valves and spreadsheets and lots of Tuba and Accordion related material.

Sure, It went a little long but we played a lot of music even exhuming a long retired song of mine to recreate the magic when he provided tubamaba on my record years ago. We talked about his work with the Violent Femmes and Carmaig de Forrest and prolly other stuff too.
Please forgive me if this podcast’s ass is a little fat, I’m a goddamn folksinger trying to mic a guitar and a tuba with one diaphragm. The results were…the results.
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eh, whaddyagonnado?
thanks for listening
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RAH 006 Danielle Miraglia

Rhymes Against Humanity with Adam Brodsky

This week I chatted and sang with Danielle Miraglia. We talked about the deep soulful pain of blond Massachusetts blues and what if Newt Gingrich was your creepy uncle and our mutual love of the Kendall Cafe (olev hashalom)

The PRPCS has a new microphone and I think it made a big difference. Every week gets better.
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RAH 005 Dani Mari

South Philadelphia Chanteuse/Impressario takes a sojourn from her mancave and joins Queequeg and me in the Rhymes Against Humanity Studio. We talk about songwriting and classical piano and touring and Musikfest and the Philadelphia Folkfest and Reverend TJ Mcglinchey and her myriad other projects.

She sings a bunch of songs and even classes up the harmonies on one of my old numbers. You should listen. She told me she was thinking of you the whole time.
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RAH 004 Steph Hayes

Steph sat down in the studio and we talked and sang for an hour or so. We talked about the old days, and what it’s like to live in China, and what it’s like to pee standing up. Also we sang some of his songs.

I fucked up my harmonies but, y’know.
Enjoy it.
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Rhymes Against Humanity 003 Mia Johnson 2/2

The second half of my chat with Mia. We discuss gear and the old days and we sing together on an old school Mia jawn.

Dunno what the protocol should be on these longer chats. Do you kids like ’em broke up into bite sized pieces for your Mtv brains, or should I just dump the whole 90 minutes on you and let you decide when you’ve had enough and it’s time to move on to This American Life?
You tell me. you can hit me up at adam@adambrodsky.com or @adambrodsky on the twitters or wherever, yo.
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