Brad Yoder Amish KGB Spy.

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Though Brad is not Amish or a KGB spy, that was a really fun thing to type so Imma roll with it. This week’s Rhymes Against Humanity features a really fun conversation that Brad and I had a couple weeks ago in his Pittsburgh Mansion. We had a really good time and I hope you will too. He talks about his Costa Rican Amish Relatives and his semester abroad in the GDR, that’s right, East Germany, back when there was one. He even played some songs. Please enjoy it, and like our Facebook page and subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher and leave us reviews and all the stuff that allows me to continue to talk into a microphone.
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Adam Brodsky


Rhymes Against Humanity 039, The Gregg Cagno Takes Jack Hardy Sailing, Edition

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Last week Fast Folk Fuck and longtime friend Gregg Cagno came over to the PRHQPCS and sat and strummed for a while. We had a great talk and didn’t even touch on a bunch of things I wanted to, like surfing and Linda Sharar and all the cool kids and Camp Hoboken and lots of other things. We did however talk about his family and his music and shared a few war stories. It was one of those conversations that flowed so easily, an hour had gone by before I even looked at the clock. I hope you enjoy listening to my chat with Gregg. And if you live anywhere proximal to Philadelphia, I hope you c’mon out and see Gregg on the Ides of March at Tin Angel. His sound is a perfect fit for that room and it’s a Tuesday night, what the fuck else do you have to do.

These are those peg condoms we spoke of.

These are those peg condoms we spoke of.

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Rhymes Against Humanity 036 Brigid Kaelin (and Trump) Freckles and Fascism Edition

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This week’s episode finds our hero plodding through the morass of the Iowa results and eager to put them behind us. Speaking of behind, almost a year ago I spoke with My dear friend and seriously talented musician, Brigid Kaelin. This is that talk. we had it in her basement while her house was being cleaned by a professional so’s she could rake in some of that sweet AirBnb cheddar. We had a great time and I hope you will too. you can check out Brigid Kaelin at or The Red Accordion Diaries. As always, please use the button at the top of this page to subscribe to the podcast and leave us some fake love in the comments or especially on iTunes.
Thanks and keep on a’rockin.


RAH 034 Philly Music Lab/Fuck Bob Schieffer And John Dickerson Edition

PML - 5 PML - 4PML - 3 It's nigh-on impossible to take a multiface selfie where at least one person doesn't look "special", but everyone looks faceable in at least one of these pictures. Choose your favorite for printing and framing.

So, facing through Facebook t’other day I noticed that a few of my peers seemed to be having a really really good time without me. It turns out it was Dan Nosheny, Samantha Wittchen and Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz who have created What exactly is Philly Music Lab? I had no idea, but it looked like way more fun than I was having, so I got in touch and had them come over to the PRHQPCS and we talked for half an hour or so.

TLDR; It’s a commonwealth of, atypical music types who are going to use fraternity to help forward their careers and their art. It’s waaaay cooler than that antiseptic sentence, but you’re the asshole who doesn’t have time to listen to the interview, so a bland sentence is all ya gets.

The specific Labradoodles can be found in these varying places:

@phillymusiclab, @neonandshy, @samwittchen, @wittchenband

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in re: above photos, It’s nigh-on impossible to take a multiface selfie where at least one person doesn’t look “special”, but everyone looks fuckable in at least one of these pictures. Choose your favorite for printing and framing.


RAH 032 Dan Canon

IMG_0343Last month while I was out touring where the Eastern Midwest meets the Northern South, I landed in Louisville where I played a house concert and witnessed how the 16th largest city in America had funked itself up considerably since my last sojourn several years ago. The time I had was bangin’ and reconnecting with old friends and musicians was just what this old troubadork needed, not to mention unlocking the “Standing around outside in shirt sleeves” achievement for 2015. Alas, the pleasant temps did not coincide with my Creation Museum Day and in fact, the heavy rain ironically kept me from venturing outside the museum to see how the Ark construction was progressing and also from enjoying a camel ride, (not a euphemism). But that ain’t why we’re here.

During my weekend spent Kentucking, I sat down with several old friends and recorded podcasts. The first we’re gonna share is my friend, Dan Canon who is, in no particular order, a Songwriter, Guitarist, Actor and a Civil Rights Attorney. On April 28th 2015, Dan will be part of a giant legal team which will argue their case in front of the Supremes. These cases all bundled together may very well settle the Gay Marriage question in this whole friggin’ land, including the backwater states. If so, you’re about to listen to a podcast with some dude who is gonna be a legitimate piece of American history, and in a good way.* Anyway, I was grateful that Dan shared the better part of an hour with me and I learned a lot about the case and what to, and what not to expect. If our talk leaves you whetted for more SCOTUS, I recommend my #wcw Dahlia Lithwick’s Amicus Pod where she talks a little more about the particular case. If you want more Dan, you should check out his band The Vatican Bank, or his Bob Loblaw Law Blog called, Conflicts Check.

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And remember, even though I don’t say it often enough, or ever really, I love you.

*Not me…Dan. My best shot at viral fame these days is along the lines of, “Folksinger missing for years found mummified in home studio.” or possibly “Local Folksinger’s Disturbing browser history, sings sad song of slow demise.” or something.


RAH 030 Aggie Ebrahimi




So, this month, March 2015, if you are a under the yoke of the Comcastistas, for free you can peep Inheritance, a 30 minute short documentary by award winning filmmaker and all around good person, Aggie Ebrahimi. Aggie is a visiting professor at Mulenberg College up there inAllentown and I drove up and talked to her in her office. We spoke of film and terminal-ish degrees and the Shah and divorce Iranian style and language and at one point I almost choked to death. (I lived). She named a bunch of her favorite filmmakers, all but one of whom I had never heard of and then we went to a diner and ate corned beef. It was good to see my old friend and better to see her movie. If you want to see it. make with the Xfinity on demand and go to Movies > Asian American Films > Inheritance.

As always, thanks for listening.


Rhymes Against Humanity 028 Erin McKeown


Tiny Elvis was in town and though time was tight, we met in the green room at the venerable and venerated Tin Angel in Philadelphia. We chatted for half an hour or so, talking about many things but not getting into weighty topics like The Goddamn Patriots, Red Sox and Hoss Radbourne and the Providence Grays. We did manage to talk about songwriting, amp-schlepping, net neutrality, jingles and bearing Ellis Paul’s Love Child and that time we did that thing in Rhode Island all those years ago. It was fun. Don’t take my word for it, listen.

As this podcast posts, The Queen of Quiet is driving through the south bringing the mountain to Mohammed, despite recently placed sharia-phobic statutes. Go to to find out exactly where you might drink in this half-pint of sweet tea, and as always, remember that you matter.

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Rhymes Against Humanity 026 Mike Slo-Mo Brenner and Hoagy Wing


Couple weeks ago Mike Slo-Mo Brenner and Hoagy Regular-Mo Wing came into the PRHQPCS and layed it down with me. We discussed Mike’s old bands and his new obsession with the Chaturangi, an indian slide guitar. It made me feel multi-cultural as fuck just to chat with mike. And though we didn’t get into his, “Hanging out backstage with Steve Earle” stories, We did stumble on a charming Steve Albini anecdotes, as well as adventures in crossing the street in india. Go see Mike with No Good Sister or John Train.



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