Today Is The Day The World Changes 4/28/15

Photo Apr 28, 10 28 09While just 40 miles away in Baltimore, frustration and disenfranchisement are boiling over with typical results, what’s happening today up in the Supreme Court is anything but typical. As we speak, a giant greed of lawyers and their plaintiffs and a gallery of people who have been camped out for the better part of a week will make and hear arguments that will, in all likelihood lead to a ruling by the court later this year that should legalize same-sex marriage across the land. Like all fifty, even Alabama. Today is a big fucking deal and I can offer you some insight. Well not me, but I know a guy. That guy is lead counsel on the Kentucky case, one of several cases that have been balled up into a supersession by the court.

Since the court jesters in the robes are afraid of what we would think if we saw them working, we will soon have audio of this momentous day. We will never see more than a few sketches and some hugs and kisses on the steps out front, but for those of you who crave the inside info, I have a treat for you. My friend and and important footnote to American history, Dan Canon will be arguing in what I”m told is a very nice suit. He was generous enough to sit down with me last month and blah-blah about the case and some other stuff.

When the SCOTUS audio is released, I’ll throw it up on this page, but till then, you should listen, if you haven’t already, to Rhymes Against Humanity’s interview with Civil Rights Lawyer and Guitar Player/Songwriter Dan Canon. As a matter of fact, I’ll make it easy, just click below.

Remember, Love is winning because we have chosen love. Or perhaps the Oligarchs are throwing us a bone because it really doesn’t affect their marginal rate and we’re getting pretty fed up so this is a nice valve or whatever. Point is, its happening and you should listen to this interview with the guy who’s making it happen.