RAH 025 Jess Klein

Jess Klein2 Welcome to the first episode of RAH for 2015. When New Years Day falls on a Thursday that means nobody’s doing a goddamn thing ’til after the weekend. So yeah, it’s January 5th, but it’s really only the first day of the new year so here we go…Back in mid November, Jess Klein came into the PRHQPCS and we talked about songs and Texas and Wendy Davis stalkers and restraining orders and even dipped our toe into the spiritual pond. Her new album, Learning Faith, discusses such. We had a lovely talk and really my only regret is that I didn’t ask her to play “I’m so fucking cool.” Oh well, next time.

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Jess Klein1

  • Stephen Francis Engelmeyer

    hi Jess and Adam B. it’s great to hear you talk about stuff…. cool interview and I love your song “Loving You” it would be so nice if someone felt that way about me, or wrote that song for me! 🙂