Rhymes Against Humanity With Adam Brodsky: 007 Dan Nosheny

This week I talked to Tuba Dan about lots of stuff, including how quitting his day job and becoming a professional musician means now he gets up even earlier. (???) Also we discussed carbs and spit valves and spreadsheets and lots of Tuba and Accordion related material.

Sure, It went a little long but we played a lot of music even exhuming a long retired song of mine to recreate the magic when he provided tubamaba on my record years ago. We talked about his work with the Violent Femmes and Carmaig de Forrest and prolly other stuff too.
Please forgive me if this podcast’s ass is a little fat, I’m a goddamn folksinger trying to mic a guitar and a tuba with one diaphragm. The results were…the results.
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eh, whaddyagonnado?
thanks for listening
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